"Peace Of Mind For You And Your Home"

Meet, Jason..

Jason is a proud Husband and Father who takes pride in his country and work ethic. Jason is a veteran who served 6 years in the United States Army and has also been a Deputy Sheriff for the past 7 years. While in Law Enforcement, Jason met his wife, Cykora who was also a Deputy Sheriff.  A couple years later, Jason and Cykora welcomed their first born and decided to move out of California.

Jason made the decision to move his family to Arizona and chase their dream of starting a family business. A family business had always been a topic brought up at the dinner table, and now dreams are becoming a reality. Jason knew he wanted to be able to spend more quality time with his family as opposed to working constant over time for the Sheriff’s department. 

Jason has always taken pride in his own home and enjoys routine, preventative maintenance to keep his house in tip top shape. In addition to Law Enforcement, Jason is a certified Home Inspector who has a passion for serving the public and wants to extend that passion into the hands of homeowners.

“We believe State 48 Home Performance is not only a business where we can operate as a family, but it’s a business which allows other families to spend more quality time and leave the tedious home tasks to us.”

Meet, Cykora..

Cykora is a loving wife and mother with a background in Law Enforcement. Prior to Law Enforcement, Cykora was a self-employed cosmetologist for multiple years. Since leaving Law Enforcement to care after her first born, Cykora has been hard at work gaining experience in Real Estate. Over the past couple years, Cykora has obtained her Real Estate license, Notary Public certification, and Signing Agent Certification. Needless to say, Cykora also has a passion for everything related to homes just like Jason.
When Jason suggested the idea for a family-owned business in the Home Maintenance industry, Cykora could not have been more excited and ready to hit the ground running. Cykora understands and values how important quality family time is. Working in a family business together allows Jason and Cykora to truly spend quality time with one another and with their son. And with that, Jason and Cykora can provide additional families with less tasks to complete and more family time to enjoy!